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The Tam Sneddon Memorial Trophy was inaugurated shortly after Tam died in 1976. Tam was a long standing and very active member of Clydebank Sub Aqua Club, holding the post of Treasurer for very many years. Tam took his job very seriously and made sure that the Club had a firm financial footing.


He very sadly and suddenly died as he was about to enter the water to enjoy his favourite sport of Scuba Diving.


The Branch decided to honour the name of Tam Sneddon by awarding a Trophy to the member of the Branch who had done the most to promote and encourage scuba diving in Clydebank Sub Aqua Club in the preceding year.

The Winners:

1977 Jim Cummings
1978 Colin Watson
1979 Gordon Downie
1980 E.A.Smith
1981 Jack Morrison
1982 David Bickerstaff
1984 Mark Don
1985 Anne Downie
1986 Bernie McIlvenny
1987 Adam Curtis
1988 Irene Smith
1989 Jim Montgomery
1990 William Currie
1991 Jim Hoggan
1992 Ronnie Scaglione
1995 Gordon Downie
1996 Kevin Millar
1997 Joe McInally
1998 Alan Hubbard
1999 Brian Tierney
2000 George Kinniburgh
2001 Jack Morrison
2002 Michelle Morgan
2003 David Mandelson
2004 Graeme Hollinsworth
2005 Debbie Girvan
2006 Iain Kennedy
2007 Catherine Kenny
2008 Joe McInally
2009 Keith Waugh
2010 Thomas Burke
2011 Brian Tierney
2012 Michelle & John Morgan
2013 Andrew Sinclair
2014 Gordon Anderson
2015 Joe McInally
2016 Craig Ralston
2017 David Richford
2018 Michelle Morgan
2019 John Kerr

Tam Sneddon Award 2019

The winner of the award this year has been a valued member of the
John_Kerr_for_Tam_Sneddon_Award club for many years. During the past year in particular John Kerr has been very active in organising Club dives and towed the club boat to diving sites on several occasions. He has  made himself available as a "casualty" or "victim" for trainee divers at various levels, to carry out training exercises on him. Obviously this can mean that he may not have been able to fully enjoy his own diving experience!!!? He also regularly assists with equipment preparation on pool nights. Like everyone else, John has a full family and business life, but nevertheless he has found time to write several photo illustrated articles for the website. No mean feat, as research, preparation and composition takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Congratulations to John on winning the Tam Sneddon Trophy.

Tam Sneddon Award 2018
by Andrew Sinclair

This year's winner of the prestigious award goes to Michelle Morgan. She was chosen for a number of reasons, each one as impressive.

Tam_Sneddon_2018_bMichelle has been the Clydebank treasurer for 18 years now and has managed to keep the club in a great financial position.

One of her major achievements has been that she has kept the club fees the same for a good number of years, which is a credit to her hard work as Treasurer and her guidance of the spending requirements and objectives of the Committee.

Michelle also worked hard and took a lead role in organising the race night event back in March 2017. The primary objective in this case was to help the club reach its fundraising target to buy new diving equipment. This equipment was purchased with the aid of a grant and our fundraising.

On top of this Michelle took the time to organise a few curry nights where the members could get together on a social side and let their hair down for a bit.

It was also noted that Michelle took time to organise, make and sell 2018 calendars to club members, their families and friends, to further generate Club funds.

And if that was not all, during BDO husband John's absence from the club owing to his work, Michelle organised the Branch pool training activities.

I think you'll all agree Michelle Morgan has been a worthy winner this year. Well done Michelle.

Tam Sneddon Award 2017
by Keith Waugh

Early in 2016 the 3 phase electricity supply cable, which runs under the car park, with its newly laid tarmac failed!!! This was a major blow to Clydebank Sub Aqua Club, as it meant we could not fill our diving cylinders from our electric compressor. After initial investigations by the committee, David Richford volunteered to take on the unenviable task of consulting and co-ordinating with the West Dunbartonshire Council to effect repairs. To cut a long story short, after numerous phone calls, discussions and day time site investigations between David and various Council officials and technical staff, a narrow trench was dug across the new tarmac and a new cable laid. Within around 3 months of the fault occurring we were up and running again with our compressor. Thanks to David for his sterling efforts on the resolution of the problem.
David has also been instrumental throughout the year in transporting the branch training equipment, namely cylinders, weight belts, BCD's and demand valves, back and forth between the pool and our equipment rooms. He has also been of considerable help in equipping trainees and getting them organised for their training sessions with the instructors.
For these reasons it was felt that David Richford was well deserving of the Tam Sneddon Award 2017.

Tam Sneddon Award 2016

By John Morgan

Craig Ralston has been around the club for a while now, those of us who know him well may say too long. Our older club members will remember Craig as a fresh faced schoolboy while our newer members will be amazed that Craig was ever fresh faced.

Tam_Sneddon_trophy_Craig_RalstonIn the last couple of years Craig has got more involved with the running of the club, becoming the secretary in 2015. But in the last year as well as having his role on the committee Craig has been a great asset to the club. He was involved in the actual buying of the new compressor and he did a lot of work in ensuring that we bought the compressor that best fits our needs as an amateur dive club. Once the compressor was delivered Craig was one of the members who helped get it installed ready for our use. He was also responsible for disposing of our old compressor again to our benefit.

In addition Craig has also furthered his owe diving skills by training and qualifying as a Branch Instructor. While still training as a BI Craig was heavily involved in all aspects of diver training. Since qualifying he has conducted lectures, as well as pool and open water training, often making arrangements on his own initiative. He has greatly helped the club progress in the last year.

For these reasons Craig was awarded the Tam Sneddon trophy for 2016.

The Tam Sneddon Trophy winner for 2015 is Joe McInally.

In the past year Joe has worked tirelessly to improve the facilities in the Club premises. He has constructed a working area for the new compressor which can be heat insulted from the worse excesses of the scottish weather. He has also supervised renovation work on the building and worked generally on the infrastructure. On the diving front, Joe has completed his 1st Class Diver award, the highest diving award in the Scottish Sub Aqua Club. For a good number of years he has been keeping all the branch owned equipment, including the club RHIB and engine, in good order for the benefit of branch members.

Tam Sneddon Award 2014 goes to Gordon Anderson

GordonTamSneddon_1bGordon has been the Chairman at Clydebank Branch for a number of years. His quiet, efficient manner has always been an asset to the smooth running of the committee. Whenever there is a less glamorous task to deal with, such as the asbestos survey for our premises, communicating with the other tenants of our shared premises or meeting with the pool authorities, Gordon gets on with it, quietly and diplomatically. Less glamorous-yes, but vitally important for the running and existence of our club!! In the last year he also organised a very successful diving expedition to the Western Isles & St Kilda. This trip was very much enjoyed by Clydebank members and friends. Gordon was also 50% of the 2 man team tasked to prepare a Grant Application for our new compressor. His primary role was liaising with, and arranging meetings with our local Council and the Awards4All committee. He also contributed to the content of the actual Grant application and completed the post Grant administration. We are now the proud owners of a very impressive compressor. A committee is often only as good as its Chairman, Gordon too, has done us proud!



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